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Power Fit Treadmill

Power Fit Treadmill
Power Fit Treadmill
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Product Description
Although Whole Body Vibration has remained both expensive and exclusive, the Power Fit PFM-002 sturdy Complete vibration unit is obtainable at a fraction of cost of many brands, such as the well-reckoned Power Plate line. Why spend more when you can get attributes like auto modes, multispeed control, and improved oscillating motion for less?

Whole Body Vibration For All
The Power Fit PFM-002 Sturdy Complete multi-speed vibration unit can be part of your total health and fitness program. It is engineered to stimulate circulation and muscle reflex actions, to tone and relax muscles, and to enhance overall well-being. Other benefits include core conditioning and stability, a great adjunct to weight loss programs, or simply to relax and lower stress.

Function And Durability
The Power Fit PFM-002 Robust Complete is ergonomically designed and fully adjustable vibration speed range from Level 1 - 20. Easy to operate so you immediately feel its strength and its benefits to the body. Designed to operate at high frequency and lower amplitude, it can alleviate stiffness in walking caused by rheuma­tism, and uncertain gait due to inactivity and immobility of elderly people. Full-body vibration devices are used by those in all walks of life, from professional athletes to retired people.

What Are The Benefits Of Whole Body Vibration?

  • Increased muscle flexibility & reflexes
  • Reduced soreness, faster recovery
  • Improved strength & range of motion
  • Helps in the fight against cellulite
  • A great adjunct to any Wellness & Fitness Program

What Is Unique About The Pfm-002 Robust Complete?

Heavy Duty Support
The Power Fit PFM-002 Robust Complete weighs 108 lbs and provides stability and steady movement. With a broad base, four large rubber foot rests, and sturdy, heavy-duty design, it has no problem supporting even large-bodied people, with a 300 lb max load capacity!

The Console & Its Functions
The PFM-002 Robust Multi-speed Vibration Unit has 3 digital LED screens and displays information including Body Mass Index (or BMI), Time (precise to 1 second), Speed (levels 1-20), and Automatic programs (3 auto programs). Auto programs feature timed speed changes to give you the most effective and versatile workout.

Detachable Arm Bands
There are so many positions you can use to target virtually any body area with vibration stimulation, but now, you can work both upper and lower body at the same time with the PFM-002's detachable resistance bands. Double the effectiveness!

Superior Oscillating Vibration
The Power Fit PFM-002 Robust Complete uses Oscillating or Pivotal (teeter-totter) vibrations, for less vertical impact on the body. More natural and generally healthier than vertical (jump-up-and-down) vibration, this motion contracts muscles alternately on each side of the body, like walking.

On Wheels - Easy to Move
Although the PFM-002 Robust Vibration Unit is a heavy duty device, it is designed to be moved easily. The unit rests on 4 solid rubber feet, and to move it, just tilt it back to engage the 2 wheels located at the bottom. No super strength required!