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Dolphin Massager

Dolphin Massager
Dolphin Massager
Product Code : 05
Product Description
  • For blood circulation
  • Streamline design massager
  • Three elaborate massage heads
  • Portable high-speed massage machine.
  • Detailed product information as follows: Infrared dolphins massager created by our company, is a portable,powerful and high-speed massager, and loved by consumers for its gentle and beautiful stream-line design as well as its significant infrared physiotherapy effects. also have been becoming the hottest selling product in year of 2010.
  • Eight advantages of product:
    • Adopt the massage way of design hammer the vibration in principle of human body engineering, humanization massage applies in the whole body parts such as shoulders, head, back, waist, arm,  hip, legs, thigh and foot.
    • Equipped with elaborate modified massage head and with acupuncture type massage head and convex circle massage head, it has broken the traditional massage hammer that only have the function of hammering, increased the function of acupressure and acupuncture massage.
    • Concise and humanized switch design with high middle and low grade, makes your the operation more convenient and quick.
    • Unique massage hammer design by master, it can play the massage with concentrated effect and relax impluse Force effectively for its strong performance and convenient operation without noise.
    • Significant infrared physiotherapy effects can improve the rate of lipolysis, rheumatism, constipation, and alleviate the pain in muscle and joint ache.
    • Massage most part of the body easily and nimbly with the human body engineering design and streamlined dolphin appearance design.
    • Massage skill imitated professional masseur, is a major breakthrough in the field of electric massage device.
    • Lovely exterior, light and small size, and easy to collection
  • Six features of product
    • With the strong and powerful hammer attacks and massage function.
    • Significant infrared physiotherapy effects.
    • Unique design
    • Equipped with three kinds of soft rubber massage head with acupressure, acupuncture massage and tapping massage.
    • Convenient and concise adjustable speed with high middle-and-low grade.
    • Rapidity, beautiful stream line design.
  • Main massage position: Hands, shoulder, back, neck, waist, thighs, feet, legs.
  • Three ways of Infrared Dolphin Massager: Infrared Dolphin Massager is a portable, powerful, high-speed massager, with the replacement of three different massage heads it can be achieved a variety of massage experience such as acupressure, acupuncture and tapping massage.
  • Seven functions of Infrared Dolphin Massager
    • Eliminating fatigue and enhancing immunity.
    • Reducing high blood pressure and high cholesterol,etc.
    • Activating collaterals and promoting blood circulation.
    • Making Brain more active and relieving nervous tension.
    • Promoting sleep and improving the neurasthenic insomnia.
    • Preventing thrombosis, dizziness, nocturia, constipation.
    • Enhancing skin permeability, promoting blood circulation, increasing massage effect exponentially.
  • Cautions
    • Must be unplugged before cleaning or after used.
    • Prohibited to use in the bathroom or a humid environment.
    • Children or people with disabilities should be pay more attention.
    • Using time does not exceed 30 minutes.
    • Should drink a cup of warm water after used in order to promote metabolism.
    • Forbiding to use if massager occur some problems, and should be contacted with dealers as soon as possible.

Technical parameters

Product Name

Dolphin Infrared Massager Machine For Blood Circulation

Item Code





Blood circulation machine,blood circulation Machine,Blood Circulation

Machine Power



Blood Circulation Machine


Eliminating fatigue,blood circulation




Red, White, Blue




All kinds people

Vibration Fequency : High grade


                                : Low grade







42cm x 13.5cm x 12.5cm